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Our ambition is to create a place for those who wish to explore ideas and build things. Sometimes seriously, othertimes for fun.

Immerse Academy was founded in 2015 as a provider of education for immersive technologies. With the re-emergence of virtual and augmented reality the real world is progressivly entering an era of digital possibility. Compounding this with the increasing bandwidth of the internet, humanity will see a world where the impossible is possible.

With the removal of historical barries we can learn and execute concepts that no generation before us could. Sharing this information and collaborating with others speeds up this process. At Immerse Academy our goal is to learn how humans work, explore impossible ideas, and build new experieces which enhance our reality. Tomorrow, anything is possible.

In summery we do…

Industry Research,

Digital Projects

+ Other Stuff.



The cute girl next door, who isn’t really there. Please meet Nyxc (“Nix ee”) is a virtual human avatar who is an avid cosplay girl, and loves being creative. She was created to explore the bridge between humanity and percieved reality. As Nyxc grows up, though she never ages, she learns and engages with her fans more. One day hopefully you’ll get to meet her in person. For now, follow her on social media.

Instagram: @NYXCXOX



Learning about the real world from those who have gone before us and have experience, this podcast is all about the details on how industries work. Basically, what works and what does.

Interviews With Experts

Catching us with industry connections who have years of experience doing what they do.

Disecting What Works

We ask deeper questions and consider the details to understand what works or doesn’t.



Sometimes it helps to just have a random conversation about… well, nothing. We laugh, we talk about dangerous ideas and we try new things. That’s what makes life fun, and you can never have too much fun… can you?

For the Lols

Work can get a little intense sometimes, so we balance it out with a bit of a laugh.

Random Conversations

You will never know what you could learn going down the rabbit hole with the most random conversations.


Core Focus


Exploring the realms of virtual possiblity.


Learning from those with experience.


Launching prototype concepts for testing.


Better understanding human behaviour.

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We enjoy connecting people just as much as connecting dots. Let’s connect on socials.