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Easily Scope your VR/AR Project

A non-technical, reusable workshop covering everything you need to scope a VR/AR project. Join others who have used this workshop to understand the capabilities of VR/AR technology, so you too can utilise them to achieve your intended outcomes.

Want to know how VR/AR can help your business?


Tried VR/AR for the first time or heard about it and got an idea?


Have an idea for a VR/AR experience but not sure how feasible it is?


You’ve researched VR/AR for a while now, excited to create your idea, only to find that the weeks are passing and you’re still not sure how to bring it to life?


Want to create your own VR/AR experience, but you’re not a developer?


Not sure how much it would cost and want an estimate?


Having trouble bringing your vision to life within your budget and timeframe?


Ever asked a developer how much your VR/AR experience will cost, only for them to say ‘it depends’?


The Solution

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then this workshop is specifically for you.

What’s Inside

This workshop covers everything you need to design and scope your VR/AR experience.

By the end you’ll know whether your idea is feasible, and have everything you need for your VR/AR developer to quote.

The Basics

Gain a strong grasp on the fundamentals of VR/AR technology and unlock their true capabilities for your project.


You’ll have everything you need to design your next VR/AR experience without having to worry about hours of research.


Step by step lessons for you and your colleagues that can be completed in a day, or spread across a week. 


Remove the risk of going down the wrong path, reduce the likelyhood of going over budget or creating ‘shelfware’.

Is this FOR you?

So, you attended a conference and experienced virtual reality for the first time. You realised that this was the future, and you knew that your company could benefit from its potential. Fast forward a few weeks and you’ve got your colleagues excited about your idea to the point that they want in. But, you’ve got a challenge… How will you bring your idea to life? And how much is it going to cost? Your questions are quickly piling up and you’re not sure where to start.

If this is you, you’re in the right place! This workshop was developed by a team with over 8 years experience helping corporate clients achieve their goals with VR/AR applications. Over that time we’ve become all too familiar with the challenges and questions that plague people coming into the space for the first time. This workshop was created to give you a head start by skipping the common pitfalls of VR/AR development. Hit the ground running with a clear, well-informed design and scope that will help you to achieve your intended outcomes.


Workshop Content


Take it at your own pace. Rewind and replay, complete the content in a day or a week.

Online 24/7

Deivered virtually means you have access around the clock to complete each module.


Complete the workshop as many times are you want, for as many ideas as you have.

Module 1: Intro To VR/AR

An introduction to the workshop, what you can expect to achieve and how to get the most out of the content.

Module 2: How To Design

Important foundations to designing VR/AR experiences, including common pitfalls to avoid and guidance on how to clearly define your intended outcome.

Module 3: Virtual Reality

The ins and outs of virtual reality technology, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how to tell if it’s the right choice for your intended outcome.

Module 4: Augmented Reality

The ins and outs of augmented reality technology, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how to tell if it’s the right choice for your intended outcome.

Module 5: Scoping

How to develop a project design that will ensure you get a reliable estimate on the time and investment involved in bringing your idea to life.

Bonus: Sourcing Developers

This bonus module will give you all the guidance you need in finding the right developers to create your VR/AR experience.


We aren’t the experts in virtual reality, we are experts in insurance. It was great to have this workshop available for my team to walk us through what we needed to think about.

Renee J.

Customer Experience Design Manager, BUPA Insurance

I work across our whole business, talking to our customers about what they want in a product and working with our teams to make that a reality. We currenlty have 15 virtual reality products around safety, which have been created through the design process this workshop provided.

Chris B.

Service Design And Implementation Partner, Endeavour Foundation

Thanks to Immerse and their workshop we were able to get key stakeholders across our company to align on a vision for how we will use virtual and augmented reality technologies. Since then we've created a number of road side training modules which have been a huge hit with the maintanance team.

Sara K.

Innovation Manager, RACQ Banking


About Us

Our team have been delivering VR and AR solutions for corporate clients over 8+ years. Along the way we've seen what works and what doesn't, and through first hand experience we know the pitfalls and how to succeed. We've put all of our experience into this workshop to save you time and improve your results, whether it's designing or selling your VR/AR solutions.


Is there a refund/cancellation policy?

You are welcome to contact us within 30 days of purchasing the workshop to discuss reasons for a refund and we will do our best to accommodate.

How long will you have access to the online workshop?

Once purchased you will have lifetime access to the workshop! This means you can use it multiple times for you and your colleagues.

Are there any requirements to study this workshop?

An open mind and a positive perspective is all you need, and of course a device with an internet connection. All materials are delivered online so viewing on a large screen is recommended.

Can I purchase workshops for multiple people?

You only need to purchase once to unlock the workshop for all of your colleages. We determine who is considered your colleage based on the email domain they have, so as long as it’s the same as yours they will have access to your workshop.

What are the payment methods available? Is there a payment plan option?

We are yet to implement a payment plan option. Currently we require all purchases to be made with full payment upfront.

Can I request an invoice before purchasing a workshop?

Yes! We can provide you with an invoice for purchase. Please email us at ``

What computer skills do I need for this workshop?

You won’t need any technical computer skills for this workshop as it focuses on design and documentation. You’ll be provided with login details for the online workshop portal.

Is group work a necessary part of this workshop?

No! You are welcome to include your colleages (as it’s a lot more fun completing the modules as a group) however you can also complete this workshop on your own.

How will I access the workshop materials?

This workshop is entirely online, with a workbook that can be printed if you prefer. Your login details to access all materials will be provided after you make your purchase.

How do I contact Immerse Academy if I have any further questions?

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions please email us at ``

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"Everything you need to accuratly design, and sell immersive solutions."

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